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VERTIC has secured the Grand Palais in Paris

Located in the heart of Paris, the Grand Palais is an iconic monument of the capital. Built in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition, it was designated as a historic monument in 2000 and attracts each year more than 2 million visitors. With its 72.000 square-meter-gross-floor-space, its 13.500-square-meter-floor-area in the Nave, which possesses the largest glass roof in Europe, its 6.000 tonnes of steel and its 200.000 tonnes of stones, the Grand Palais is remarkable with its fascinating architecture. In order to restore its former glory, a huge program of refurbishment and embellishment has been launched in the beginning of the 2000s and works are still carrying on. The Grand Palais has been equipped with safety solutions for the specialists working on the roof blended of steel, stone and glass. VERTIC has secured the curving ladders giving the access to the roof and has installed a COMBIRAIL, for the workers to walk safe thanks to a lanyard connected to a rail, which shapes perfectly the curves of the glass roof. The equipment was designed with the collaboration with the company EPICURE, in order to be as discreet as possible and to visually melt with the architecture, both classical and contemporary of the monument.