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Information Package for the New Camera Series "Panomera® W" from Dallmeier

Dallmeier has prepared a comprehensive information package for its recently unveiled new "Panomera® W" camera series: Among other items, the package includes a new product video and a brochure explaining the benefits of the new camera systems.

In order to inform its customers and the interested public in still greater detail about the added value of the 180- and 360-degree versions of the Panomera® W series, Dallmeier electronic presents an extensive information package. This includes a product video which demonstrates how even expansive areas can be safeguarded with the Panomera® W series through the function of an 360° view with distortion correction – while minimising Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The product brochure explains the advantages of the design, functionality, material quality, operating concept or the integrated time-saving "Mountera®" mounting system in full detail. Finally, the manufacturer provides references to the already published press release and the product datasheets.

The information package and additional materials can be found at: