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Keeping an eye on the performance of your system: G-Health Monitoring

The G-Health Monitoring software package supports administrators and maintenance technicians as well as advanced users to constantly monitor the functions of a GEUTEBRUCK video security system efficiently and with minimal time commitment.  As soon as a critical condition is detected in one of your G-Scopes or GeViScopes, for example a camera failure or database error, you receive an e-mail or a G-Health alarm notification in your G-Health web interface, locally or remotely on your smartphone. In addition, you have access to all system parameters, at all times, so you can preventively identify if malfunctions can be expected on "wear parts" in the foreseeable future.  G-Health Monitoring consists of the G-Health clients, which monitor operating conditions on your GEUTEBRUCK G-Scope (G-Core) or GeViScope systems and report this information to a central G-Health server in real time.