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Multifocal sensor technology watches over Singapore Sports Hub

The multifocal sensor technology pioneered by Dallmeier is being used also in Asia: On the premises of the Singapore Sports Hub, Panomera watches over the spectator terraces in the National Stadium. 

Occupying an area of 35 hectares, the Singapore Sports Hub is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub that allows everyone in Singapore to watch, play and support sports and entertainment.

Beyond spectator events, the Singapore Sports Hub also offers community programming, Experience Sports initiatives and public facilities for everyday use. It features a cluster of affordable lifestyle facilities including The Kallang Wave Mall, restaurants, a skate park, a lawn bowl green, a climbing wall, a beach volleyball court, hard courts, a sports library and a museum. 

On track to become a leading destination in the region for sports and entertainment events, the heart of the facility is the National Stadium; which can hold up to 55,000 spectators under a retractable dome roof. This facility will enable elite athletes and world renowned artistes to enthrall both local and global audiences.


MFS technology for highly detailed images

In terms of video surveillance, the Singapore Sports Hub only wanted the newest equipment possible. The multifocal sensor technology Panomera from Dallmeier watches over the spectator areas in the National Stadium. Unlike single sensor cameras, MFS technology utilises several sensors, each of which has a different focal length. Consequently, more distant areas can also be displayed with the same image quality as for objects close to the camera.

Each sensor defines its own contrast, white balance, exposure, sharpness and focus. This enables the system to deliver a considerably more effective dynamic response, and the highest possible image quality for the entire scene. 

In contrast to PTZ cameras, Panomera records the entire scene all the time, even while only a section of the picture is being looked at live. So the operator can carry out his tasks without undue pressure, and without missing anything. Furthermore, the same scene can be viewed in live and playback modes at the same time.

MFS technology uses H.264 compression and multicast capability for extremely economical bandwidth use.


High availability of recordings

The images are recorded on IPS 2400 appliances. The Dallmeier recording systems are notable for their unrivalled quality and reliability. The highest possible degree of availability is guaranteed by RAID 6 and redundant power supply units. The LGC Forensics certification means that the image material is admissible as evidence in a court of law.


Mathew Lamb, Technical Director Singapore Sports Hub, is satisfied: "Working with Dallmeier as always has worked perfectly, both with their head office in Regensburg and with the local office here in Singapore. The result talks for itself with market leading images and control software: It delivers the result that the industry has been looking for for years. The ability to have multiple views in HD on one seamless screen is an ultimate users dream and provides us with the technology required to protect our stadium – even at a distance of 200 metres, the faces of people on the terraces are still clearly identifiable." And he adds: "I think this project will be used as a reference for many other Panomera® projects throughout Asia."