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What if your mail contained a bomb? Could your business avoid casualties?

The very latest generation TR15 +Smart Scan cabinet scanner from Todd Research provides a new benchmark of threat detection and image management for compact cabinet scanners. At the heart of the TR15 +Smart Scan is a complete new software platform, managing the functionality and an intuitive user interface via a 22-inch touchscreen monitor. The smart card login means the TR15 +Smart Scan can be configured to enable data collection of individual user sessions further enhancing the effectiveness of the operators.

With its small footprint low maintenance costs and a host of detection features, the TR15 +Smart Scan is the scanning solution of choice.

The video above shows testing of the Todd Research TR15 Smart scan X-Ray cabinet with a dummy postal tube IED device.
You can see the new functionality of this cabinet and the new software upgrades. These upgrades make TR15 the most versatile cabinet scanner in the world.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=91&v=i14eBskJxjA