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Genetec adds Retail Intelligence

Genetec is introducing Retail Intelligence, a new application that leverages existing security infrastructure and gives retail marketing, operations and merchandising teams insight into in-store customer behaviour.

The emergence of e-commerce, consumer connectivity and higher consumer expectations are changing retail dynamics. Traditional high street retailers that can deliver a superior customer experience are seeing an increase for in-store conversions, and gaining an intimate understanding of shoppers’ behaviour can be achieved using surveillance technology.

With Genetec Retail Intelligence, retailers can use existing security infrastructure to transform customer experience by maximising the time staff can spend with shoppers to reduce abandonment whilst also boosting display and promotion effectiveness to drive traffic. The results of the intelligence-gathering application can be used to tailor product placement and store layout decisions.

Through real-time insights, retailers can utilise the intelligence gathered, allowing them to better understand consumers, make real-time informed decisions and increase both consumer engagement and in-store profitability.

Genetec Retail Intelligence works with new or existing installations and is available on a subscription basis. The application is compatible with Genetec Security Center, which will allow the use of a mix of cameras and other hardware from popular brands.

Genetec Retail Intelligence includes visitor counting, directional analysis, heat maps, unlimited reports and a 30-day storage retention period.