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Improve School Bus Safety with Stop Arm Video Monitoring

A US survey recently conducted by the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) found that, each school day, tens of thousands of drivers illegally pass stopped school buses. This adds up to over 15 million violations by motorists each year, and based on previous surveys, the trend is not improving. In light of such startling numbers, how can we keep our children safe?

The latest addition to the Mobile Witness™ line of monitoring solutions for school buses offers a cost-effective way to lower the number of stop arm violations. The new Mobile Witness high-definition stop arm camera provides additional video footage to improve safety around the bus and a potential deterrent to keep students safe from stop arm violators. With 4x the resolution of analog cameras, the HD stop arm camera can easily identify the plate numbers of violators, and the video footage can be used in prosecution.
Mobile Witness school bus solutions use the transportation-grade technology of the Mobile Witness Mobile Control Unit™, which allows for capabilities such as on-board cameras (for recording or live feeds), active and passive GPS tracking, and automated maintenance and safety alerts (such as when tire pressure is low or when erratic driving is detected). Mobile Witness is currently the only company that can provide all of these technologies within a single system, thereby increasing benefits, lowering total cost of ownership, and improving ROI.