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ISAF TURKEY: School Session Security in Scope

Can we send our children, the most important parts of our lives, to kindergartens, playschools, schools and universities safely?
How safe are schools and universities? What are the risks? How safe are our school not only with regards to “the security of life and property “but also with regards to health safety?
All these questions will be answered in School Security Session that will be organized with the leadership of Bahçeşehir University and City Security Group in the scope of ISAF to be held between September 18 – September 21 2014. The experts who have a say in this field in our country will share different implementations from the world.
In our session where we dwell upon safety and health safety in education institutions where our children, the most valuable things we have, spend most of their time from the age of 3 until the age of 23, their personalities develop, they gain the ability to lead the rest of their life, the following main topic will be approached:

  • How safe are our schools?
  • How is a safe school?
  • Comparing implementations in our country and those from the world
  • Evaluation of safety not with regard to security but with regards to safety
  • How safe are the schools with regards to health? Measures that need to be taken against accidents
  • Communication among students, effects of communication on student health
  • Communication with educators and the effects of this communication on student health
  • How can we minimize all kinds of risks?

All main topics will be dealt with in all details.
All professionals and parents are invited to our session of SAFETY IN OUR SCHOOLS AND SAFE SCHOOL where we spend a substantial part of our lives but don’t think about instantly when mentioning safety.