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Retail Chain Novus Chooses ACTi & Milestone IP Security Solution in Ukraine

Novus is one of the biggest grocery retail chains in Ukraine founded in late 2007. Today Novus retail chain has 20 stores and shopping centers in Kiev, Sevastopol and Rovno. Recently Novus has two newly built hypermarkets in Kiev. The total area is 7000 square meters. Because of the large area of the hypermarkets and the need to look out for the safety of both their customers and personnel, Novus felt the need to install security cameras. In addition, Novus wish to deploy cameras as a tool to manage their various activities better and to control their processes  such as checkout flow more effectively. Our partner IQ trading recommend an IP-based surveillance solution suitable for this highly specialized retail application. That’s why Novus chooses ACTi Megapixel cameras to monitor.

There are two stores to be monitored. Each store is installed with ACTi cameras together with Milestone Xprotect Proffesional NVR for recording. In the control center is installed the Milestone CMS in order to watch live view and playback simultaneously. The selected cameras for this project are:

  • 28 units of TCM-1231 (bullet) and 69 units of TCM-1111 (bullet) for surroundings of the supermarket and parking lot.

  • 140 units of ACM-4201 (Megapixel cube) and 253 units of ACM-4511 (Megapixel cube)and 6 units of TCM-3111(fixed dome) for gallery, cash counters, shopping area.

  • 3 units of TCM-7411 (dome) and 17 unit of ACM-3701 (dome) for warehouse and loading area.

Novus decided to choose ACTi IP cameras, because  ACTi Megapixel cameras provide excellent  image quality at affordable  prices and offer the best  price, performance ratio on full product line. ACTi’s open platform enables the Milestone software to integrate with ACTi cameras to watch live footage  and playback simultaneously.  ACTi’s solution is certainly the best choice to fulfill all the requirements from customers.[www.acti.com]