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US-Standard: Unique One-Press Classroom Deadbolt Avoids Door Barricade Dangers

Securitech, the industry leader for innovative, purpose-driven locking devices, is promoting safe classroom security and warning of the dangers of door-blocking devices that cannot be opened from the outside by first responders.

According to the National Association of State Fire Marshals, some of the proposed solutions for securing classroom doors in the event of a threatening situation “may compromise aspects of life safety.” The organization released a guidance document and safety checklist in March of 2015 with clear recommendations based on a variety of sources, including building safety and fire codes, the School Safety Infrastructure Council, U.S. Department of Justice ADA Standards, and the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission. Specific reference is made to devices which prevent unlocking and opening from the outside, saying such devices “may place the inhabitants of the room in peril.” 

In sharp contrast to door-blocking devices, the Securitech QID™ (Quick Intruder Deadbolt) classroom lock was designed to provide a fast, strong safe-haven solution while maintaining access for first responders and other authorized personnel. QID locksets also exceed safe school government standards (FEMA-428/BIPS-07) and comply with all building and fire safety codes. 

“Schools shouldn’t have to choose between safety and security. Our new QID lock is designed to instantly secure a classroom with the strongest deadbolt protection,” said Mark Berger, President and Chief Product Officer, Securitech. “But it was also designed to maintain life safety, so anyone can exit the classroom quickly and school personnel, law enforcement and first responders can quickly enter by key.”

The unique deadbolt locking mechanism in the QID is activated by simply pushing the red button. With one press, the person closest to the door can instantly activate both the deadbolt and the lever handle lock. A visual indicator lets the teacher know that the door is secured by the QID deadbolt. It is the only solution that combines the locking lever handle with the deadbolt in a single action for the highest strength and security.

The Securitech QID lock is 100% code compliant and presents a number of advantages over other classroom locks. It combines the fast locking of a one inch deadbolt with the single-action egress required for occupant safety. Just as important, the door is always able to be unlocked by key from the outside. This critically important outside key access enables First Responders or other authorized staff to enter the room quickly, if needed – something which classroom door blocking products do not allow. Additionally, virtually no training is required to activate the QID lock. 

Experts have made recommendations about how to increase the safety and security of our schools. Of these recommended actions, those regarding physical door locks are an immediate and effective solution and one of the simplest to implement. For example, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) includes specific recommendations for classroom door locks in its primer for safe school design (FEMA-428/BIPS-07/Jan 2012). Their first guidance on this topic states that doors should “have a simple locking mechanism, such as a button to push in, which cannot be locked to prevent egress from the classroom.” The Securitech QID locks are in full compliance with the DHS guidance. [www.securitech.com]