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C-ITS pilot on Dutch motorway: valuable knowledge and experience to deploy innovative cooperative services

Herewith you will find the results and lessons learned of a three year project on developing and testing C-ITS, on a 17 km stretch of motorway, in a real life traffic situation.  The tests have demonstrated that the cooperative system as delivered works and that the shockwave traffic jam service does offer the potential of reducing shockwave traffic jams. Equally relevant, however, is the fact that the system can be scaled up, continued and transferred, and has also proven to be “privacy-proof”. This is because, thanks to its smart architecture, the Shockwave Traffic Jams A58 system ended up being not a bespoke system that can only prove its worth on the A58, but an open and generic system that can be easily expanded both geographically (suitable for other regions in Europe) and functionally (suitable for other services).
However, this does not mean that cooperative technology will be available throughout the Netherlands as early as tomorrow. Development will continue in, for example, the public-private Talking Traffic Partnership, in order to strengthen the ties between roadside and vehicles. It is nevertheless clear that, thanks to this project, the Dutch business sector has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Tests will also continue in the Dutch testbed “MobilitymoveZ.NL” (https://www.smartwayz.nl/en/news/2017/4/start-of-big-inter-national-smart-mobility-testing-area/)