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Rohde & Schwarz Introduces R&S INTRA, Empowering CSPs to Derive Maximum Value from Network Data

ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company providing market-leading deep packet inspection software, today announced R&S INTRA, a new intelligent network traffic analytics solution for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Making its debut at Mobile World Congress Americas, R&S INTRA offers real-time reporting capabilities that enable CSPs to efficiently glean data insights on subscribers across entire networks, and ultimately make more informed decisions that enhance organizational efficiency and impact.

To compete in today’s market, CSPs need to be able to manage ever-increasing volumes of data stemming from IoT-enabled devices. Gartner projects that the number of connected devices will nearly double between 2018 and 2020, with the expected arrival of 5G technology contributing significantly to that exponential growth. With network traffic poised to increase dramatically – and soon – CSPs require solutions that enable them to efficiently and cost-effectively manage, and drive optimal value from, network data.

With modern connectivity options (up to 100 Gigabit Ethernet) and processing speed – R&S INTRA provides CSPs with data insights at a reporting rate of one second – the latest solution by Rohde & Schwarz delivers actionable, real-time insights that can be used across CSP business units including Network Planning, Product Marketing and Customer Care. With its flexible analytics APIs that seamlessly connect to any Big Data system, R&S INTRA allows all CSP stakeholders to synchronize and optimize data analytics activities – driving intelligent decisions across business units, reducing costs and improving overall business performance.

“To compete in today’s rapidly-changing marketplace, CSPs can’t afford to operate in siloes,” said Dirk Czepluch, CEO at ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company. “CSPs need to operate efficiently – in terms of both securing and acting on network data insights. Data shows its true value when analyzed across departments, combined with other sources of information and amassed in a conclusive, multi-purpose pool. We created R&S INTRA in response to CSP demands – giving them the ability to extract value from their networks, use data in a more agile way and accelerate time to action.”

R&S INTRA features proprietary deep packet inspection (DPI) engine R&S PACE 2 and advanced real-time packet processing to offer fine-grained information on network traffic, subscriber sessions and network metadata. The solution can be easily integrated with existing systems, fully virtualized and scaled up as needed. With a standard and vendor-independent Big Data export, R&S INTRA also allows CSPs to reuse collected data for future use cases.

CSPs can deploy R&S INTRA to serve specific functions based on their needs and maturity. The solution can:

  • Operate as a stand-alone analytics system
  • Supply data extracted from network traffic to Big Data systems
  • Dually serve as an independent traffic analytics system providing insights and reports, and as an aggregator for Big Data and third-party analytics

Operating on a pay-as-you-grow model, R&S INTRA offers CSPs the option to use COTS hardware without the need to replace existing systems, reducing costs and risks.

For more information on R&S INTRA and how it can unlock greater value from CSP networks, visit the Rohde & Schwarz booth (#S-2814) in the South Hall at MWC Americas, happening Sept. 12-14 in Los Angeles.