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exceet produces drivers' licenses and police IDs in accordance with international security requirements Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 July 2015 06:16
exceet Card Group AG, a member company of exceet Group, manufactures plastic ID cards for businesses and public authorities. The card production specialist manufactures these cards to match specific national and international security requirements. And of course, exceet has the certifications that permit the production of such card-based identity documents in the first place.

More and more countries are relying on plastic cards as security-relevant ID documents. Around the world, drivers' licenses and personnel IDs of public authorities are being issued in the compact ID1 credit card format. But they have to fulfill a wide range of security requirements, the most important being counterfeit protection.
Based on its extensive and versatile production facilities and wide industry expertise, exceet possesses all the capabilities required to manufacture these security-sensitive and technically demanding identification documents. As a result, the card specialist routinely prints drivers' licenses and police IDs for various countries within and beyond Europe.

Security requirements - Not for everyone
Production requirements differ by country of issue. For example, there may be regulations requiring certain card materials, inks and/or personalization options. For the manufacturer, a major challenge is matching the required colors when printing the obverse and reverse sides. Usually, the client requires printing by way of OVI security inks, in which the printed image differs depending on the light and the angle of view.
Not every card producer is permitted to use OVI security inks. exceet, however, has the required permits and is therefore able, as one of the few providers on the market, to employ these inks to manufacture highly counterfeit-proof plastic cards.

Demanding production requirements & over 10 years of experience with ID cards
Readying the cards for personalization means additional challenges for production technology. Since client countries usually demand that these small plastic cards must be able to store a great deal of information, they require the insertion of small boxes that have to be placed with utmost precision by the card producer. This is another discipline that exceet, with its extensive card production experience, handles with ease.
Last but not least, the card material required for the manufacture of drivers' license cards requires the use of special production machinery. Clients often demand ABS, an especially high-grade and heat-resistant plastic. exceet has the required production machines and many years of experience in processing ABS materials. The company is also able to produce ID cards in PC (polycarbonate) or PET-G (glycolated polyethylene enterephthalate).
"In the production of highly counterfeit-proof plastic cards for use as identity documents, exceet's manufacturing capabilities, our knowhow and our certification for the use of security inks have made us a reliable partner for European and non-European countries for more than a decade", says Robert Wolny, founder and managing director of exceet Card Group AG. "We are pleased to be able to offer our clients an very broad plastic card portfolio, with a single-source capability that's hard to find on the German and international market."

About exceet Card Group
exceet Card Group AG combines the strengths of global leaders of RFID, dual interface and chip card manufacturing. The Group's innovative product portfolio extends to design, development, consulting, production, personalization and lettershop, making it one of the leading full-service providers of smartcards, NFC solutions and readers. In the mobile solutions area, the exceet Card Group offers mobile services, identity safeguards, secure payment solutions, authentication of online services and cloud computing access.

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