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GEZE: Door opener for filigree door design Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 March 2012 14:35

The need for safety and protection is continually on the increase in today's developed countries and societies. It is one of our most important tasks to monitor these trends. New technologies have to be developed and permanently optimised, in order to provide better and more efficient protection for people and property.

GEZE has increased the performance scope of the SecuLogic Access Control System, with the IQ eStrike A5000 / A5300 Compact Door Opener. The new door opener can be deployed with all doors that have to be held securely closed. It is suitable for entrance doors on residential buildings with single or multiple-occupancy, on offices and commercial properties and on doors that are integrated in airlocks. With its small dimensions, the IQ eStrike A5000 / A5300 numbers amongst the smallest door openers on the market, keeping up with the trend for ever more sophisticated and less obtrusive door frames. The A5000 model range is approved for use in smoke protection doors without requiring any modifications and therefore without incurring any additional costs, with the result that its benefits are fully maintained.

GEZE IQ eStrike FT500 / FT501 compact door openers are used on fire protection doors with increased safety requirements. Its dimensions correspond to those of the A5000 / A5300, making it currently the smallest approved fire protection door opener. []

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