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Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) Increases Productivity in Cash Handling through NotaTracc System Print E-mail
Friday, 10 April 2015 10:30
Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) has complemented its high-speed processing system‎s BPS M5 and M7 with NotaTracc, a standardized industrial solution for the increase of automation and standardization in the cash cycle. NotaTracc specifically targets central banks, large commercial banks, cash in transit operations and casinos.
It is a multifunctional system that can be used in all common application scenarios in the cash cycle, that is in cash rooms, cash centers and during all process steps of the cash cycle such as the secure exchange of cash between service providers. NotaTracc has been conceived as a conceptual solution that will be expanded over time. The first components available are NotaTracc L and NotaTracc T, the “L” being the loading module, and the “T” standing for the standardized tray.
“Before NotaTracc,” explained Florian Reithmeier, Head of the Currency Management Solutions division in the Banknote business unit at G&D “the operating staff at the processing system had to manually stack, align and insert loose banknotes into the system. This slowed down the process, put the staff under stress as they had to continuously feed the system to achieve a high throughput, and, eventually, limited the system’s productivity. The manual loading also left room for error and security hazards.”
With NotaTracc, manual loading of the processing system is no longer necessary. Reithmeier: “NotaTracc is a highly effective solution that eliminates several manual banknote handling steps and significantly improves operator ergonomics. The banknotes are prepared in the standardized NotaTracc T trays. Filled trays are inserted into the loading module. The robotic gripper in the loading module takes the banknotes out of the full trays and inserts them steadily into the machine, thus guaranteeing continuous high-speed banknote processing of up to 120,000 banknotes per hour.”
The new system has been tested on-site and approved by major customers: “We already received first orders for the system. The impact on productivity is impressive. Because of the continuous automated loading, the processing systems achieved consistent maximum throughput which hadn’t been possible before. This is the first system of its kind in the market; it gives our customers a unique advantage,” stated Reithmeier.
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