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Morpho introduces its new eco-friendly 4in1 Friends Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 October 2013 18:04

Morpho (Safran) has announced that its new eco-friendly 4in1 Friends & Community SIM card is now available and commercially deployed in the market. The 4in1 Friends & Community offering is a single standard-sized card with four plug-in SIMs. Morpho adapted the required customer wishes for this innovation. This solution enables Morpho to produce four times as many SIM cards using the same amount of plastic. Given the large quantities of SIM cards produced by Morpho each day, this innovation has the potential to benefit the environment. Furthermore, operators can take advantage of the space and weight savings offered by this SIM.

This innovative solution ensures that all technical requirements specified by the ISO standards are met for the plug-in, so Morpho is able to provide the specific information on the card body as required by mobile network operators. This enables Morpho’s customers to create innovative solutions for their own customers with the possibility of linking or combining various kinds of subscriptions.


“With the 4in1 Friends & Community SIM card we can offer our customers an eco-friendly product and a new marketing proposition. Morpho gives mobile network operators the opportunity to present a whole new concept to their subscribers: the ‘4in1 Friends & Community Package.’ One standard-sized SIM can equip up to four different devices within a group of colleagues or friends,” noted Yves Portalier, Senior Vice President Telecoms at Morpho, e-Documents Division. “This is a great example of how our teams can work together with customers to develop new customer propositions and solutions to meet their needs.”


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