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Nice Inform - Moving on to Multimedia Emergency Communication Centres Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 May 2013 07:55

Emergency communication centres can now confidently address today’s public safety challenges thanks to NICE Inform, a revolutionary multimedia incident information management solution from NICE. The first and only solution of its kind, NICE Inform breaks through the interoperability barrier to capture the full spectrum of multimedia interactions. Only NICE Inform can deliver this complete chronological, visual and audible history of an incident in one place, providing a 360-degree view and simplifying investigation.


Incident Information Management Solution

The amount of multimedia information now available to public safety organisations is continuously increasing. Audio, video, photos, GIS,  CAD  or other captured desktop screens as well as data collected through PSIM systems can be crucial for investigation or evaluation and training. It needs to be captured, reconstructed, organised and stored, and done so accurately, efficiently and securely.

NICE Inform fuses different types of multimedia information, including those from external sources, to a common application and interface. Uniquely, the solution allows third-party voice and video recordings to  be  imported  into  the  NICE Inform  organizer and then synchronised with all incident-related video,  voice  recordings,  and  other  multimedia. This provides structure to otherwise unstructured multimedia, seamlessly combining the data for a complete, authentic, chronological audio/visual timeline and 360-degree view.


Next Generation command and control solution

  • Supporting   the  move  to  Next  Generation  Command  and  Control,  NICE Inform provides the capabilities necessary to comfortably  migrate emergency communication centres into the future — now.
  • Flexible SIP-based VoIP options — allows voice logging to be performed either passively or actively.
  • Supports the transition to hosted environments — the NICE Inform Matrix provides current standalone logging systems the ability to integrate with central, cloud-based Next Generation Command and Control logging systems whilst maintaining existing on-site logging during the initial transition.
  • Comprehensive multimedia management capabilities — using a suite of applications, Inform provides a platform for multimedia capture and management from a variety of sources including audio, video, text and data. In addition, 3rd party voice and video inputs can be managed in a synchronised manner with NICE Inform. For example, adding recorded video of a convenience store robbery taken from the store’s surveillance cameras can enhance incident reconstruction. []

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