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Oberthur Technologies makes mobile users’ lives easier with its MultiSIM Print E-mail
Friday, 08 November 2013 11:51

Oberthur  Technologies,  onothworld’s  largest  providers  of  security  and  identification solutions and services based on smart card technologies, today delivers its first volumes of MultiSIM, the first classic (2FF), micro (3FF) and nano (4FF) all-in-one SIM card.

MultiSIM combines all the form factors on one single, easy to use card. It is a key progress on the telecom  market  as  it  dramatically   improves  the  user-friendliness   of  the  SIM  card. Concretely, it means that the same SIM card can be used in any mobile phone. If end-users want to change from one form factor to another, they do not need to ask their operator for a new SIM card but can just deplug or replug their MultiSIM. Thus, end-users can easily use the SIM card body as an adaptor for any existing handset.

Prior to MultiSIM, mobile operators had to maintain several stocks, one for each form factor. Oberthur Technologies’ MultiSIM enables operators to make important savings as it helps them to rationalize their logistics as well as improve flexibility and efficiency at warehouses and point- of-sales.

Fully compliant with the ETSI¹ standards, Oberthur Technologies’ MultiSIM has two different thicknesses on the same card: it is thin for the nano-SIM (4FF) form factor and thick for the rest of the card.

The MultiSIM introducing has been possible thanks to our world-class R&D and manufacturing capabilities” said Christian Lefebvre, Managing Director Telecom Product Line at Oberthur Technologies. “Our key challenge was to support the different card body thicknesses of the plugs required by the standards. We met this challenge using an innovative patent-pending process. We are delighted to offer end-users a convenient means to use their SIM card and to help operators to optimize their stock management”.

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