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Oberthur Technologies: NewR&D centre in South Korea Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 July 2015 06:30
Oberthur Technologies (OT) announced the opening of a new R&D center dedicated to security technologies for Smartphones and Mobile devices based in South Korea. This center will help handset makers deploy secure high-speed mobile services to accompany fast changing mobile users’ behaviors.
Connected consumer electronic devices are flourishing, transforming the consumer experience, thus substantially increasing the need for both secure connectivity and secure transactions. In its new R&D center of excellence, OT will capitalize on its recognized expertise and leadership in these fields and keep innovating in close collaboration with OEMs. With embedded security software as a starting point, OT manages the critical security keys and credentials of its clients and offers end-to-end digital security solutions to OEMs and their partner service providers including:
PEARL by OT®, the most advanced multi-application eSE offering the largest memory on the market and allowing easy deployment of secure contactless payment, transit and loyalty applications as well as secure access to online services for enterprise and consumer markets. It is currently deployed in more than 160M units worldwide in today's most advanced and popular flagship smartphones.
OT’s Universal Credential Platform (UCP), a comprehensive offer securing payment diversity, is the first universal platform that enables Financial Institutions to issue, secure and manage their digital credentials across multiple form factors and devices in a secure way. It is designed to address the challenges and opportunities of today’s and tomorrow’s digital payments space.
eUICC and Subscription Management, an end-to-end connectivity solution allowing Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to remotely download, activate and change a mobile subscription in connected objects. It enables OEMs to produce objects independent of the destination country and network, while ensuring privacy and security of MNO credentials.

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