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Siedle: Free vision, simple planning Print E-mail
Friday, 24 July 2015 14:36
With two innovative recessed cameras, Siedle is setting new standards at the entrance. The new models permit pick-up angles of 130 and 180 degrees. They are far more flexible to position than their predecessors.
The new cameras show a considerably greater picture excerpt, making for simplified planning: A camera which is able to pick up more can be more flexibly positioned. The typical look of the Siedle camera has been retained, but the higher capability of the new models is accommodated within a smaller housing.

A wider viewpoint: The camera 130
Alongside the large pick-up angle, the camera 130 offers additional benefits: The natural colour rendering and excellent night vision, even in total darkness. This combination makes it unique among its competitors. Within the Siedle range, the camera 130 is a great choice for the vast majority of applications.

Full width: The camera 180
The camera 180 affords a complete overview and even greater planning freedom. It encompasses the entire area in front of and to the side of the entrance. Nothing and no-one remains hidden. High-grade optical and electronic components as well as specially developed algorithms for image rectification minimize the fish-eye effect. Despite the wide coverage range, visitors remain clearly visible at any pick-up angle. The camera 180 also provides outstanding picture quality across the entire field of vision, even in complete darkness. As a side effect, colour discrepancies can occur in daylight, particularly in the green spectrum and under intense sunlight.

Meticulously engineered quality down to the last detail
With their 50 millimetre dome diameter and 15 millimetre depth, the new cameras are smaller than their predecessors. Common features of all the models are integrated infrared lighting, automatic night recognition, backlight compensation, two-stage heating and modern CMOS technology with a wide temperature tolerance – all features often more important for practical application than theoretically impressive pixel counts. Specially selected components and highly developed algorithms minimize the wide-angle effect so that the picture from the camera 180 can also be used as a live full screen image. This is another feature which distinguishes Siedle cameras from other makes.

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