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Smart Video Security Handbook: A Practical Guide for Catching Intruders Before They Act Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 October 2015 17:27

We’re at the dawn of the next billion-dollar security market. Gone are the days of passive video solutions that left us vulnerable to serious problems of theft, vandalism, and acts of sabotage. The Smart Video Security Handbook covers all major aspects of today’s most advanced video security systems, helping you deploy a proactive tool for thwarting intruders before they act.

John Romanowich founded SightLogix, a smart video camera company, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, dedicated to making the world’s most accurate and reliable video security system. The Smart Video Security Handbook incorporates many of the lessons learned over decades of video technology experience and offers practical applications and a vision for the future of video security.

Praise for the Smart Video Security Handbook

“The Smart Video Security Handbook is a well-written, no-nonsense guide that provides clear, thoughtful advice about the practical application of thermal technology to reduce risk and increase security effectiveness. It's a must read for anyone responsible for choosing or applying technology to protect people, property and assets.”

- Greg Olsen, Entrepreneur, third Private Citizen in Space

“The issues addressed in The Smart Video Security Handbook are top-of-mind for the readers of Security Systems News. Romanowich believes smart video will be the next billion dollar market, and he makes a convincing case for its adoption today and predictions about how it may be used in the future.”

- Martha Entwistle, Editor, Security Systems News

“The value of smart camera technology has been proven at critical outdoor locations. Their lower costs, higher performance and verification capabilities also make them a perfect fit for indoor security applications, which is of significant interest to CSAA membership. The Smart Video Security Handbook is ideal for security professionals who seek to gain from the next wave of security electronics innovation.”

- Jay Hauhn, Executive Director, Central Station Alarm Association

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