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St. Olav’s is safe with Sony Print E-mail
Friday, 06 March 2015 11:33

Joint video security project with Bravida important part of Norwegian hospital’s modernisation.

“Sony has reduced our need for security and reception services. We now have a full overview of the hospital areas, which is extremely useful for the security guards. Several of the criminal incidents that have happened recently have been solved using the Sony system and the police have also praised the picture quality of the surveillance” – Otto Koch, Head of Technical, St. Olav’s Hospital

St. Olav’s Hospital, in Trondheim, Norway, serves 630,000 citizens and is currently undergoing modernisation. The project will be completed in 2015 and the hospital will then have a total area of 197,500 m2 and employ about 8,000 people.

St. Olav’s seized the opportunity offered by this project to become one of Norway’s most modern hospitals. In the course of renovating the buildings, it became obvious that the existing video security system was outdated and hard to maintain.The hospital is extremely busy, and, in order to meet its needs for better surveillance, the existing ITV equipment was replaced with Sony digital solutions.

The Sony solution for St. Olav’s is delivered in partnership with Bravida, Scandinavia’s leading provider of technical installation and maintenance services for buildings. The video security equipmentconsists of 8 servers with RSM advanced and about 220 Sony cameras. All equipment is IP and the new cameras are HD.

Sony and St. Olav’s have a long history of partnership in many areas.For example, as part of its vision for having the most modern operating theatres, St. Olav’s asked Sony to deliver and install an AV/IT solution, the first of its kind in Europe. The solution makes it possible to share videos and images from operating procedures around the world.

This history of trust, combined with Sony’s reputation for consistentlyhigh-quality solutions, was keyin St. Olav’s decision to choose Sony as their partner for video security. St. Olav’s is now looking to extend the project into new areas, such as monitoringtheir technically advanced medicine transfersystem.

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