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USA: Cardtek Aims to Positively Change the Future Outlook for Creating Smarter Cities Nationwide Print E-mail
Saturday, 06 June 2015 20:41
Following its success for installing end-to-end smart transportation systems in Azerbaijan, India, and select Turkish cities, Cardtek, a leading software developer for financial transactions and providers of EMV migration solution, is now able to offer solutions to transform the transportation industry in U.S. cities. Smart transportation solutions not only provide dynamic cost measurement, faster integration with banking systems and significantly improve fare collection on behalf of carriers, but also eliminate ticket purchasing lines and reduce the costs for ticketing appliances, offering a beneficial solution for city officials. With "one card for the whole world" goal in mind, Cardtek also aims to adapt mobile systems into smart card technologies with the vision to encourage metropolitans to use one card for managing various aspects of one's daily routine. Be it Istanbul or Chicago, with Cardtek solutions, it has now become a reality to shop, pay bills, travel, or even open one's home door with a single contactless smart card.

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